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Concierge Medicine and Members Benefits

What do you mean by a "concierge medicine practice"?

The “concierge medicine practice” model is one in which each patient who is a member of Washington
Concierge Medical Group (the “Practice”) pays an Annual Fee that covers enhanced services and amenities not normally available in a traditional medical practice and not covered by Medicare or any other health insurance plan. The Practice will participate with Medicare and many major private insurance plans and will bill those plans for covered medical services provided to its patients. This new approach is really a return to old-fashioned care. It is a smaller, intimate practice that makes it easier to have a personal relationship with your physician. The goal is to provide care that is more responsive, thorough, and individualized.

What do I do if I need to see a specialist?

Dr. Sanai and his staff will coordinate your appointment with the appropriate specialist(s) to best address your particular medical condition. Dr. Sanai will closely monitor your progress while you are under the specialist's care.

How can I reach Dr. Sanai after-hours and on weekends?

Dr. Sanai will be available by cell phone and email after-hours and on weekends, except when away for medical conferences and vacation, in which case the Practice will be covered by a colleague of Dr. Sanai.

What if I need to be hospitalized?

You may be hospitalized wherever your health plan permits.  Although the hospitalist service will be the attending physician of record, Dr. Sanai will coordinate care with the hospitalist as your personal physician.

May I meet with Dr. Sanai prior to deciding whether to join the Practice?

Absolutely!  Please call the office for a no-obligation meeting to find out if our Practice is a good fit for you.

Can I schedule a meet-and-greet with Dr. Sanai before I join?

Dr. Sanai would be delighted to meet you for a meet-and-greet before you decide to become a member. You may start the process by sending an email at, or calling the office at (301) 708-8464.


What does the Annual Fee cover?

The Annual Fee covers the following enhanced services and amenities not covered by Medicare or any private insurance plan:

  • 24/7 access to Dr. Sanai by cell phone or email (including while you are on vacation or traveling)
  • Same or next day for scheduled office visits
  • Concierge service for your appointments with specialists and other health care providers – our staff will schedule and help you obtain prompt appointments 

What are my options if I want my family to join?

We offer discounted spousal / partner rates, and highly-reduced rates for the adult dependent child(ren) (age 18-25) of a member.

How much is the Membership Fee?

Membership programs at WCMG are tailored to meet your needs. You can learn more about the various options on the Membership page.  You can also call us and we will be happy to discuss our membership options with you.

Is the Annual Fee refundable if I move or simply decide that this Practice is not right for me?

Yes, the Annual Fee covers services available to you while you are in the Practice.  If you leave the Practice for any reason, a pro-rata portion of the fee will be returned to you based on the number of full months left in your membership or quarter. For example, if you joined the Practice on April 1, 2022, and paid your Annual Fee up front, and you chose to leave on September 15, you would receive a refund of $1200 (1/2 of $2400).

What payment options are available?

We offer multiple payment plans to give you the flexibility to choose what is best for you. Your annual fee may be paid via credit/debit card annually or semi-annually. Once you have completed your enrollment form, your credit/debit card will be charged on the first of the month, in accordance with your requested payment plan option.

How do I join?

You may start the process by sending an email at, or calling the office at (301) 708-8464 to request an enrollment package.  You will need to sign all required enrollment forms and submit payment of the Annual Fee in order to become a member.  Patients will be accepted in the order in which they join, and once the Practice reaches 300 members, Dr. Sanai will not accept any additional patients into the Practice until an existing spot opens up.

Insurance and Payments

I already have good health insurance–why should I pay extra to join this Practice?

The Washington Concierge Medical Group model provides a level of personal service not generally found in a traditional primary care medical practice, including direct 24/7 access to Dr. Sanai by cell phone and email, same or next day office visits, and scheduling of appointments with specialists and other physicians handled personally by Dr. Sanai and his staff.  Dr. Sanai believes this approach to medicine allows more time and attention for wellness and preventive health approaches, and offers significant conveniences to patients in navigating the healthcare system.

Is this an insurance plan?  Do I need to keep my existing health insurance?

This concierge medicine model is NOT an insurance plan, and you will need to keep your existing health insurance to pay for covered healthcare services provided by the Practice, specialist physician services, laboratory tests, x-ray and other diagnostic services, prescription drugs, and hospitalizations.

Can the Annual Fee be applied towards my insurance plan deductible?

Because the Annual Fee pays for services that are not covered by Medicare or other insurance plans, your insurance plan will not apply the Annual Fee towards your deductible.

I'm covered by Medicare.  Can I still join Dr. Sanai’s new Practice?

Yes.  Dr. Sanai’s concierge medicine practice will participate with Medicare and you may join the Practice as a Medicare beneficiary.  Participation in the Practice will not affect your Medicare coverage in any way.

I'm covered by an HMO.  Can I still join Dr. Sanai’s new Practice?

HMOs require prior authorization from an “in-plan” participating primary care physician for referrals to specialists, labs, and other services outside of the Practice. Unfortunately, at this time, Dr. Sanai will not be able to perform that role.

I have a Health Spending Account, Flexible Spending Plan, or a Medical Savings Plan through work.  Can I use that to pay for the Annual Fee?

Please check with your plan administrator on details for your plan.

Do I have to pay a copayment or deductible for office visits and other services received from the Practice?

You would continue to be responsible for all copayments deductibles required under your health insurance plan.

What Insurance do you accept?

Our practice currently accepts a wide range of health insurance plans including Johns Hopkins Healthcare, United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna. Cigna, CareFirst, BCBS-Anthem (Including Healthkeepers and Federal), and Medicare-CMS. For United Healthcare, Humana, Aetna, please contact our office for details.
If you choose to join our medical practice and our office does not accept your insurance, our services will be considered as out-of-network with your plan.

I have a few more questions.  What should I do?

Please contact our office for any additional information by sending an email at, or calling the office at (301) 708-8464. You may also schedule an appointment for a meet-and-greet with Dr. Sanai by calling the office.


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