Personalized care.
Plenty of time.

In a society where the healthcare system and patients well-being have become corporatized, patients and physicians have grown increasingly frustrated with the quality of care they experience on both sides of the stethoscope.

Internal Medicine physicians typically have to care for 2,500 patients. It can mean weeks of waiting for a 10-minute visit. This is stopwatch medicine.

Now, imagine reducing the physician’s patient base to no more than 300 patients. 80% fewer patients.
This means enabling the patient and the physician to spend more time, unrushed, and address all medical issues, not just focus on an isolated issue.
That is Concierge Medicine.

A doctor actualy consulting a patient

At Washington Concierge Medical Group, we created a state-of-the-art medical concierge patient experience where you are at the center of our practice. Where your concierge physician is your personal guide on your healthcare and wellness journey.

Dr Sanai at his desk smiling

A doctor with more time for you

You get a holistic, unhurried, and proactive experience unlike any other. You build a real relationship with your personal physician, with unlimited 24/7 access, and more time to address your important concerns. Our approach is the way the practice of medicine should be intended.

How to choose a physician you can TRUST with your health

Selecting a physician is a very personal decision. At Washington Concierge Medical Group, we have designed our approach around how medicine should be practiced. It starts with great communication between the patient and the physician.
Dr. Sanai has a warm personality and is devoted to the well-being of his patients.

His patients feel comfortable and reassured under his care. Not only will your visits be performed with utmost attention and proven expertise, but the level of support will be personable. Dr. Sanai has over 28 years of experience as an internist, with continuous training in the new and developing areas of medicine.

Concierge Services


Healthcare for when you need it and how you need it

  • Physician availability 24/7
  • Same or Next Day Appointments
  • Digital Care (virtual visits)
  • Hospital Visits & House Call (if necessary)
  • In-office Lab Work


A physician dedicated to the most optimal care you could need

  • Physician knows you well
  • Unrushed Appointments
  • Care Coordination
  • Comprehensive Medicine                                 
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